Title: Rehabilitation of The Water Supply System in Mitrovica South, Vushtrri and Skenderaj, Investment Stage 2 Part 1

Reference Number: KSV/018•15 434

Source of Financing: The Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Beneficiary: Mitrovica Regional Water Company

Supervisor: SETEC Engineering, Austria

Short Description:

Components and Location of Works – LOT1 – Mitrovica

–          DN 600 Control Valve – Installation of a Flow Control Valve is necessary at the Main Chamber where the DN700 is split in two directions, toward Vushtrri and Mitrovica Town, consisting of two Main Chambers

–          Network Rehabilitation ‐ Zone 4 (2846m) – Generally, a ring pattern is established, thus securing the supply. Old pipes dated 40 years are increased from the diameter of pipe point of view. The number of houses has increased significantly within the area, especially within the Zone, therefore the diameters are increased. The project consist of altogether 22 Hydraulic Nodes, including one Bridge Crossing. Part of the intervention includes installation of complete new house connection with water meter. Total number of customers which will be directly affected from pipe installation, shift from old system into new one, results to 350 of them.

The following components are part of the works:

Replacement of distribution mains (new pipeline), including nodes, chambers, and bulk meters. Complete new house connection for the clients directly affected from pipe replacement

    Components and Location of Works – LOT3 ‐ Skenderaj

–          As part of the KSV/018 project for Skenderaj, within Stage 2, it includes replacement of the existing pumps to a new capacity of 140 l/s and head of 205 meters or 20.5 bar.

–          Part of the investments in the Skenderaj Pumping Station within Stage 2 Part 1, is the replacement of the existing Transformer.

New pump 140 l/s H 205m

New Transformer 1000 kVa (existing is 400 kVa)

Telemetry System

Rehabilitation Work which include painting, replacement of plates, fencing, replacement of gate and other civil work for the rehabilitation of the building.