Energy and heating sector

The energy and heating sector require in-depth knowledge and understanding of the system to ensure the quality of engineering solutions. KWE provides solutions for district heating projects in all phases of the project starting from design to actual engineering services with expertise in electrical and mechanical, civil works and maintenance alongside with a qualified team of experienced project management. Our aim is to improve the energy efficiency and heat production as a driving factor for a sustainable growth. KWE has been involved in the implementation of many successful projects, contracts in accordance to FIDIC international contractual regulations

Major project include:

  • Cogeneration Heating project Installation of 12 km KMR DN 800 DH pipes from KEK to Termokos/Prishtina
  • Construction of Heat Extracting station on the Premises of Kek and installment of KMR DN 800 DH pipeline.
  • Construction of Heat Receiving station on the Premises of Termokos and installment of KMR DN 800 DH pipeline.
  • Rehabilitation and expansion of District Heating Systems in Prishtina, DN 80-DN 500
  • Construction of the biomass heating plant with cogeneration technology – CHP in Gjakova