Inlining – no-dig network rehabilitation

We provide engineering solution for rehabilitation of sewer and potable water networks with trenchless technology with Pipe in Pipe (PIP) and cured in place lining (CIP lining) for all types of existing pipes DN 200/DN 500.

Energy and heating sector

The energy and heating sector require in-depth knowledge and understanding of the system to ensure the quality of engineering solutions. KWE provides solutions for district heating projects in all phases of the project starting from design to actual engineering services with expertise in electrical and mechanical, civil works and maintenance alongside with a qualified team […]

Wastewater treatment plant

Likewise, water, sewage collection is equally important to be managed safely and ensure a nuisance-free disposal of the liquid wastes in an urbanized and industrialized society with a growing numbers day to day. The specific experience of the KWE in this has developed over years and continues to grow year on year basis. KWE sewage […]

Cleaning and CCTV and Inspection of Water Network

We offer services in maintaining, cleaning and inspection of sewer network for all type of pipes from DN 100 to DN 2000. With our Sewer cleaning vehicles with water recycling technology and CCTV inspection equipment and highly qualified staff trained in accordance with EN 13508-2 and DWA-M 149-5 standards with experience in cleaning and inspection […]


The scope of works in the sewage field includes: Design and supervision of works, construction of waste water supply pipeline network; installation of new wastewater pipeline network, flow metering of waste water network, testing maintenance and inspection of waste water networks as well as supply of pipes, fittings, precast concrete chambers, plastic chambers, flowmeters and […]

Water Supply

Implementation of projects included master planning and assessment, rehabilitation of exiting water networks, building of new water distribution networks which have contributed to secure clean water and reduce loss through detection of leakages. This has been achieved through its dedicated staff and knowledgeable engineers who have expertise to carry out projects in most efficient ways […]